Friday, February 17, 2006

"Les Miz" Back In Les Mix on Broadway

In an odd bit of news, Les Miserables returns to Broadway this fall for a six month engagement. Why odd? Because Broadway is filled with long-running musicals and new shows have to jockey and beg and plead for a house. Why put in a limited run when you could be turning away the next mega-musical? Two reasons, perhaps. Les Miz will be moving into a theater that's about to host the limited engagement of Alan Bennett's delightful play The History Boys. That charmer -- featuring the original UK cast -- would be leaving the Broadhurst dark in September and for various reasons (an upcoming film version of the show; cast obligations elsewhere; Bennett's weak US track record) almost certainly couldn't extend even if it wanted too. The other reason? It's no coincidence that Les Miz will become the longest running hit in history for either the West End or Broadway in London this October. Besides, the touring production is closing down this summer after 18 years on the road in the US. Mackintosh already has the sets and an able pool of talent to choose from so he probably figured, why not? (Indeed, the NYT reports it will only cost $4 million to mount, so the show is certain to be profitable.)


Anonymous said...

One day more, indeed.

Anonymous said...

People lump it in with Phantom and Cats, but Les Miz is still really good, whatever junk it may have spawned. It was visually innovative, its full of good songs -- I'd see it again.