Thursday, February 16, 2006

Michelle Kwan Strikes Gold...With Disney

Kwan signs deal to be the Disney's spokesperson -- doing ads, making personal appearances, etc. It's hardly worth noting an Asian American will be the face of the apple pie-ish Disney, but once upon a time that would have been a remarkable breakthrough. Now the amazing thing is that Kwan as a Disney spokesperson, Tiger Woods (son of mixed race parents) reps American Express and no one thinks twice. Wanna bet Kwan's deal was all set to go after the Olympics and that's one reason she declined NBC's offer to be an on-air commentator?


Anonymous said...

America's sweetheart-- who could have been even sweeter if she hadn't ignored reality and let Hughes prepare properly.

Anonymous said...

Hey, she's been a good almos-t champion and deserves her payday. YOu don't see me getting up at 4 am to practice.