Wednesday, February 15, 2006

iTunes: Top Downloaded TV Shows

Here's the top ten downloads at the iTunes TV store. The big news: Showtime series Weeds -- which is syndicated in more than 130 countries -- breaks into the Top Ten the first week that shows are available.

1. Lost -- "The Long Con"
2. The Office -- "Boys and Girls"
3. Comedy Central Standup -- "Dane Cook"
4. Lost -- "Fire + Water"
5. Weeds -- "You Can't Miss The Bear"
6. Battlestar: Galactica -- "Scar"
7. Surface -- "Season Finale"
8. Lost -- "The Hunting Party"
9. Comedy Central Standup -- "Mitch Hedberg"
10. The Office -- "The Carpet"


Anonymous said...

Weeds is in that many countries? Awesome. I love MLP and it's really good. Glad to hear it's gonna be around for a while.

Anonymous said...

Surface is in the top ten? Guess that gives you an idea of how few downloads there are.