Monday, February 20, 2006

Surfing Through "Grey's Anatomy"

The first rule of good TV drama is to not tease out the audience with the inevitable. If two characters are meant to be together, you can't keep us in suspense forever. Bad shows think if the characters get together, the show is over. Good shows bring them together and see what happens. Grey's Anatomy finally ended a season and a half of frustrated desire by letting everyman George finally declare his love to Meredith. So why did it seem so unsatisfying? Probably because Meredith is in love with Derek, his marriage seems about to collapse and it's clear to everyone he loves her more than his wife. So while the show began with George frustrated in his desire for Meredith, she is clearly meant to be with Derek. So having her and Charlie sleep together is just a random, unconvincing plot twist until Meredith and Derek finally unite. So how can we invest emotionally in Charlie's fulfillment when we know it's "wrong?" Besides, Meredith didn't seem nearly vulnerable enough to just sleep with Charlie. I expected her to gently turn him down and let him get on with his life; not pull off his shirt. The sooner they wrap up this dead-end, the better.


Anonymous said...

You're wrong. George needed to sleep with her, even if she didn't need to sleep with him. Now it can be out of his system.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that was long overdue, whateve happens. At least George can stop moping.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. It was time for George to put up or shut up. Obviously, everyone but George knows that Meredith has the hots for McDreamy. Personally, I can't stand Derek and actually like Addison more -- even though she's the one who strayed. It's almost vicious to watch how Derek strings her along even though he knows it’s Meredith he’s in love with. I hope they break Addison and Derek up, get him with Meredith, and allow Addison to become the strong, independent woman we know she can be. Her character will be so much more interesting without McDreamy hanging around. I just hope they don’t write her out of the show. Kate Walsh is a really good actress and brings a lot to the series.

On another note, could George be the intern leaving? If the post-coital relations with Meredith are bad (and we know they will be), it would make sense. Although, I’m still thinking it is Alex.

Sarah said...

Mer didn't sleep with George because she's vulnerable. She slept with him because she had a bad day and that's her fix--we've seen from day one that she sleeps around. Problem is that George loves her and she is just jerking him around. I think that this will help George get over her, though. He won't be able to idealize her anymore. I hope he doesn't leave--he's the best character.

Clyde said...

I pretty much agree with Sarah. Meredith's closing narration says it all:

We whisper secrets with our best friends in the dark. We look for comfort where we can find it.

But who knows what Shonda Rimes has in mind. Just when you think you have everything that's going to happen on this show pegged, it turns out that you don't.