Monday, February 20, 2006

Spike Lee's Next Movie A Biopic Of Boxer Joe Louis

Director Spike Lee told a university audience his next film would be a biopic of boxer Joe Louis and star actor Terrence Howard. Lee is currently editing a documentary on Hurrican Katrina and the aftermath.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if he'll cover Louis's entire career or focus on him and the Nazi bout. I think it'd be wiser to set up Louis his first loss to the guy and then their hsitoric rematch. Childhood to sad end shilling for Las vegas would be too obvious.

truthisoutthere said...

Spike Lee hasn't made a good fictional film since Malcolm X. Wht happened to him? Four Little Girls was great of course but I don't know if he has the muckraking instincts a la Michael moore for the Katrina docu. Maybe this film will wake him up.

Ed Sikov said...

Maybe he'll cast Paul Walker as Louis.