Thursday, February 16, 2006

Watching Movies On the Sony PlayStation Portable? Not Such A Good Idea

When Sony and some other studios announced a new format of discs that could play movies on the Sony handheld video game device the PSP, it made no sense to me. OK, I understand people watching something on the fly on their iPod, especially TV shows. But why would people want to watch Spiderman 2 on a tiny screen? And what parent who already bought Spidey on DVD is gonna fork over MORE money to buy it again on a PSP disc (the UMD) just so little Johnny can look at it on the school bus rather than doing his homework? (Not to mention, stores having to carry yet another format.) But they kept announcing a flood of title on the format and press stories implied it was a hit. So I figured I was wrong. Nope. Turns out I was right and now they're finally admitting sales suck for most films on PSP except teen comedies like Napolean Dynamite. In an idiotic move to save the PSPs, Sony is now announcing an adaptor that let's you hook it up to your TV so you can watch the discs there. Right. As if people with a DVD player already hooked up to their TV are gonna buy a movie on UMD instead and then grab the machine from Johnny and hook it up to the set when they want to watch it and then disconnect it so the kid can take the game to their bedroom. Give it up.


Anonymous said...

That adaptor so you can hook it up to the TV is truly idiotic and I'll be no one else points it out as succinctly as you.

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why this failed and iPod worked. Thx.