Thursday, February 16, 2006

Surfing Through "American Idol"

They narrow it down to the final 24 and we finally get some guys to root for. (The women have been seriously beating up on the men talent-wise in the auditions.) We already know the top gals (Hey Paris), so who are the standouts in the men? There's Ace, this year's Constantine; the crooners David and Will (who both seem to have gotten through for their pinup appeal instead of their singing); Kevin aka Chicken Little; and Joe Cocker wannabe Taylor Hicks (who I liked until he went overboard on that Ray Charles swaying bit and his aw-shucks harmonica playing. And for some reason, I think Chris Daughtry will go a long way. In any case, another well-done show, with lots of built-in tension that made for good tv. It's always a shame to have the last two men and women paired -- the person who gets through never gets to celebrate the way they should.


priv8pete said...

Do I have to be the red-blooded, heterosexual male voice? Becky O'Donohue and Heather Cox are easy on the eyes and the longer they stick around, the longer I watch!

Michael in New York said...

I've given the ladies their due in past postings. We just barely saw any men during the auditions, so this is the first time we could evaluate them. Becky? Kinda tall, no? I think you'll see the gals a lot longer than the guys. You'll be wathcing till the finals.

priv8pete said...

Tall yes, but not too tall. Plus she has a twin who will hopefully be cast in her future music videos.