Monday, February 20, 2006

Weekend Box Office -- Paul Walker Is A STAR!

The wooden Paul Walker -- of The Fast and the Furious and Into The Blue -- has another hit movie to his credit. This time it's the family film Eight Below. The other big news: Brokeback Mountain fell out of the Top Ten just two weeks before the Oscars. It's at $72 million, so if it snares the top prize, $100 million should be within reach. Finally, the crazily silly Russian sci-fi fantasy flick Nightwatch -- a huge, huge blockbuster in Mother Russia and one of a trilogy -- opened big in limited release on three screens. People who miss The Matrix have found their new fix. The Top Ten:

1. Eight Below -- $25 million (four day weekend figures)
2. Date Movie -- $22.3 million
3. The Pink Panther -- $21 million ($46.7 mil total)
4. Curious George -- $15.3 million ($33.5 mil total)
5. Final Destination 3 -- $12.5 million ($33.2 mil total)
6. Firewall -- $10.3 million ($33.6 mil total)
7. Freedomland -- $7 million
8. When A Stranger Calls -- $5.8 million ($42.1 mil total)
9. Big Momma's House 2 -- $5.3 million ($62.2 mil total)
10. Nanny McPhee -- $5.1 million ($39.3 mil total)


Anonymous said...

Why are the numbers bigger than the posting earlier? Was everyone off by that much?

Michael in New York said...

The earlier numbers were for the three day weekend. The later numbers take in Monday, because it was a holiday.

Anonymous said...

I hate Paul Walker in the same irrational way that all women hate Jennifer Love Hewitt. Why won't he just go away???