Thursday, February 16, 2006

Rolling Stones The Biggest (and Oldest) Act In The World

Just as the Stones get ready to play a free concert for some two million people in Rio, Forbes dubs them the most profitable act of 2005, thanks to a lot of concerts that weren't free, obviously. The Top 5 in concert, CDs, merchandise sales, etc.:

1. The Rolling Stones -- $168 million
2. U2 -- $150 million
3. Kenny Chesney -- $110 million
4. Green Day -- $99 million
5. The Eagles -- $84 million


Anonymous said...

These people are crazy rich. How can anyone ever complain about athletes when they see what musicians make. Even movie stars are hard pressed to match that in one year.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but you gotta divide the stones take with agents and theaters and then by four ways. Lucky Kenny Chesney is all alone.

Ed Sikov said...

The Stones deserve every dime they make. Rock on, geezers!

Anonymous said...

I thought the Eagles were dead.