Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ricky Gervais Of "The Office" Sets World Record

Ricky Gervais -- the co-creator of the brilliant UK sitcom The Office -- has been delivering a free weekly podcast for almost three months now. I find him hilarious and the show, a casual chat between Gervais and friends, is great fun. And now it's set to make the Guinness Book Of World Records, thanks to averaging 261,000 downloads every week in its first month. Gervais said he was delighted.
"I used to read it every year as a kid. It's easy to get in if you are prepared to run 100 metres with a milk bottle on your head."


Anonymous said...

Truly, the king of all media -- except musics and (thankfully) music -- anyone who saw his video from the last season will understand.

Anonymous said...

I always wanted to set the record for cathcing quarters off my elbow after seeing it on Happy Days. Seemed easier than riding a motorcycle over a bunch of cars.

Anonymous said...

Listened to the podcast. It's pretty boys night out-ish, but funny. Not as cerebral as I expected. Them just yabbering away, but they;re funny. Who the hell is this Karl guy> Is he for real?