Tuesday, February 21, 2006

FOX To Launch ANOTHER Primetime Network?

I'm not sure what's going on here -- it's buried in the middle of another story -- but apparently Fox is launching a 12 hour primetime network to compete with CW. CW of course is the merged network that combines the best shows of The WB and UPN to create the CW. As one station exec put it: “It’s a smart move to combine the networks, but it doesn’t mean that a combination of marginal shows will achieve high ratings.” So not everyone is jumping at the chance to be a part of CW and Fox is stepping in with its own 12 hour primetime package of a weblet. It's unclear what sort of original programming this network would have; perhaps it's just a mishmash of syndicated shows and reruns and theatrical movies. Perhaps it's an honest to goodness network. But one thing is clear: It puts the weblets right back where they started -- two tiny networks fighting over bragging rights for fourth place. Hey, Fox, how about launching it with Arrested Development?

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priv8pete said...

Good call Michael. It would behoove Fox to announce some preliminary programming because if they were gonna keep Arrested Development I would solicit the WB Buffalo to go with the new Fox affiliate over CW.