Thursday, February 16, 2006

Kaiser Chiefs Top British Grammys

The Kaiser Chiefs -- who had some of the best singles of last year -- won three top awards at the Brit Awards, the British equivalent to the Grammys. The Lads from Leeds won Best Rock Act, Best Group, and Best Live Act. Arctic Monkeys won Best Breakthrough Act, an especially timely win (their album came out about two minutes ago) that puts the stodgy Grammys to shame. Because the Grammys ignores the calendar year and honors album released from Sept. of 2004 to Sept of 2005 (for example), the awards in February of 2006 were absurdly out of step, honoring albums from U2 and songs from Green Day that came out ages ago. The Grammys has GOT to switch to honoring songs released in the calendar year so they don't ignore the biggest albums put out in the holidays from Sept. to Dec. (Imagine if the Oscars waited a year before nominating the big movies that came out at Christmas.) Of course, the Brits can be dull too: they gave single and album of the year to Coldplay.

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Anonymous said...

IPredict A Riot was the best single of the year. You should have had them higher on Your Best CDs list.