Monday, July 10, 2006

More Michael Jackson Craziness

I won't stop til I get enough. More Michael Jackson phone messages played in court. He wanted to adopt two Brazilian babies (though it came to nought when he was arrested on child molestation charges, strangely enough).
“Get me two boys, no, get me a girl and a boy.” Says one source, “It sounds like someone asking you to run down to the store and get ice cream.”
Jackson also allegedly paid $300,000 to a family that had accused him of molesting their son. (Hmmm, maybe I've just discovered a way to pay off my debt. Any chance I met Michael when I was 12 or younger?) The piece also reminds us that Jackson claimed his huge stash of gay porn was sent to him by fans. And he kept it because he didn't want to hurt their feelings, I suppose?

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