Monday, July 17, 2006

Patrick Swayze -- A Man's Man...Appearing In A Musical

Times are good for Patrick Swayze. A new special edition of "Road House" has just come out on DVD. And now he's appearing in the West End in "Guys & Dolls" (a charming revival I saw when Ewan McGregor was in the lead). Despite singing and dancing in a musical (which is the least manly thing a man can do), Swayze maintains his alpha male attitude:
"[My dad] was the loving one, he had that beautiful cowboy energy. But he was also a serious man. He used to say to me: 'If you ever start a fight, I'll kick your butt, and if you don't finish one, I'll kick your butt.'

"I live in the last part of the US where it's not all about lawyers. If you mess somebody over, they're not going to sue you, they're going to shoot you. I like those odds. Like my dad, I really do live a cowboy life."
Dang, now that's a man. Heck, it sounds like he even probably voted for Bush.

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