Friday, July 14, 2006

Will "Little Man" Be A Big Hit?

Two weekends ago, the reliable Box Office Prophets -- who apparently have access to tracking data that I don't -- said "The Devil Wears Prada" would be lucky to gross $10 mil opposite "Superman Returns" and that $50 mil was a longshot. I thought they were crazy -- Meryl Streep looked hilarious, Anne Hathaway had a lot of goodwill from "The Princess Diaries," the reviews were strong, it was based on a popular book and everyone can identify with "the boss from hell." I said it would do much better and could conceivably hit $100 mil. I was right. Now this weekend, BOP is predicting a miserable $10 mil for the new Wayans comedy "Little Man." Yes, the trailers are painfully unfunny. But the Wayans are automatic, at least for the opening weekend. And they're coming off the $70 mil for "White Chicks." I'd be shocked if they made less than $15 mil and $20 mil is much more likely. Though how much it drops off in the second weekend is anybody's guess.

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