Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Woody Allen Changes Title Card Sequence In New Movie; End Of The World Expected By Cineastes and The French

No matter how bad a Woody Allen movie gets ("Curse of the Jade Scorpion" anyone?), film buffs can take sweet comfort in one element -- every Woody Allen movie begins simply and beautifully with a title card (in the same font he's always used) followed by the briefest of brief listing on one screen of the entire cast and their characters in alphabetical order. Then the movie begins. It is in many ways bliss and just the sort of touchstone that would warm the heart of the coldest critics. And now it's gone. For no discernible reason whatsoever, the new Woody Allen movie "Scoop" does NOT include the cast listed in alphabetical order at the beginning of the movie. It is mixed in with the credits at the END of the movie. This is Allen's fifth decade of making movies. What in heaven's name would prompt him to switch such a simple, pleasing and reassuring tradition? The movie, by the way, is a step back down after the unexpected pretty darn good status of "Match Point." It's a flimsy comedy and while not unbearable, it is by no means good. But who cares? Why oh why did Woody change the way his movies begin? P.S. Maybe things will change before it hits theaters. Maybe I missed the usual routine at the beginning (but I highly doubt it) and they just included the names in the end credits as well. But it sure seemed like a seismic shift to me.

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