Friday, January 19, 2007

The 20 Richest Women In Entertainment

Forbes magazine does all sorts of "guesstimating" to come up with the net worth of top women in entertainment. Their methodology wouldn't pass muster in the real financial community -- they don't have access to any private info of course and just sort of take stabs at figuring out what the women are worth. Proving their cluelessness, Forbes eliminated "non-working" women who live off royalties, etc rather than an active career. Their prime example? Barbra Streisand who just went on a highly lucrative tour and in 2004 had a leading role in "Meet The Fockers," her top-grossing movie of all time and one for which she was a huge draw as far as the ad campaign. The top woman? Oprah of course, with some $1.4 billion, followed closely by J.K. Rowling at $1 billion. The entire list is here.

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