Monday, January 01, 2007

Can I Persuade You To Watch Teddy Thoompson?

I mocked the news journalism website Editor & Publisher when they added a daily link to some video just for fun. Did the world really need more links to YouTube, especially from a site that had nothing to do with entertainment? I still stand by my position philosophically, but have to admit at least they've got great taste. Recently, they linking to a brief and very fun duet between Sam Cooke and Muhammad Ali. And today you can find that link plus a 1999 duet between the legendary musician Richard Thompson and his son Teddy on the song "Persuasion." It's a gem.

Richard is a folk-rock power for some 40 years now, first with the legendary band Fairport Convention, then with wife Linda Thompson on a series of duet albums (they're now divorced) and as a solo artist. He is unquestionably the greatest musician alive today on both the acoustic and electric guitar. Son Teddy is both better looking and has a better voice, but he'll never match his dad on the guitar (no one could). The first time I heard Teddy, he was duetting with his dad on this very song, a lovely yearning tune by Tim Finn of Crowded House (E&P shows its non-arts roots by thinking it was by Richard). Teddy's second album "Separate Ways" is marvelous and if you have no Richard Thompson, feel free to dive into Richard and Linda Thompson's "I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight," the contemplative "Pour Down Like Silver" or the bitter breakup album "Shoot Out The Lights" or his solo album "Rumour & Sigh" (with the all-time classic "1952 Vincent Black Lightning"), just some of his many brilliant works.

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