Monday, January 01, 2007

Gael Garcia Bernal

Who needs a catchy headline when it includes the name "Gael Garcia Bernal?" The LATimes has a nice chat with the actor, looking forward to a 2007 flick with Hector Babenco (about a divorced couple who can't stay out of each other's lives), his directorial debut and a re-teaming with his "Y Tu Mama Tambien" costar Diego Luna in a film set in the world of football. (Plus, Bernal might be the heavy in the next "Bourne" flick.) The comparisons to Brando -- while early and unhelpful (he's hardly revolutionizing acting) -- don't seem silly for the simple reason that he's having such a varied and fascinating career.


Ed Sikov said...

I always liked Gael Garcia Bernal.

Michael in New York said...

Get in line.

Ed Sikov said...

"Get in line."

Why? You planning some kinky sandwich-like thingy? I am so there.