Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Glenn Beck Joins "Good Morning America"

Everyone seems to have learned the wrong lessons from the success of Fox News. Instead of increasing pointed political commentary and smart talking heads a la Keith Olbermann, most everyone thinks they need to get more right wing. People reacted to Fox News because of the personalities and because they rightly believed that conservative points of view were rarely reflected in traditional TV news. But along with that came all sorts of vitriol and it's the vitriol that broadcasters pick up on. Now CNN's Glenn Beck is coming to "Good Morning America." Does GMA really need to get more right-wing with public opinion turning against Bush and a Democratic Congress in power and most Americans longing for moderates and common sense? You wouldn't think so. Beck's show on Headline News first caught my eye in an airport down south. More and more, I see comments from him (like his vile "fears" over a Muslim member of Congress) that make it seem Beck is on the same path as Ann Coulter -- gain attention with your comments and then keep pushing the envelope until you've headed into wacko territory because it's the only way to keep getting notice.

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