Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Is Rosie Leaving "The View?"

I cna't imagine -- she seems very happy on the show and it's ratings have taken a big jump up. The Rosie Vs. The Donald fracas has been tempestuous, but good. Rosie clearly felt Barbara Walters didn't have her back enough, but Walters came through on the air big time, giving Rosie all the love she could ask for. Roger Friedman of says Rosie will leave in June. I'd bet money she stays at least another full year. "The View" is the perfect fit for Rosie, who gets to be more opinionated without sacrificing her basic niceness.

Roger Friedman also says Madonna shouldn't be written off, and of course he's right. But if she's pushing the lame animated flick "Arthur and the Invisibles," her savvy is a little off on that one. It's dead in the water.


altmike said...

I love Rosie to death but she has been talking about leaving the View since the first day she got there and it has been all over her blog as well. Not cool behavior in my opinion. Early on she was overly brash and opinionated which was inappropriate for her role as moderator. She has learned how to moderate better recently and it would be a shame if she ended her stint while she fell into the groove. But then again I thought she left the Rosie show too early as well.

Michael in New York said...

She's definitely been more prickly and hasn't always comported herself well. But she seems like such a good fit on the show now, it would be a shame if she left on bad terms. Anbd yes, she definitely left her talk show before it had worn out its welcome, which is nice I suppose and had more to do with coming out than the show itself.