Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Police To Launch Reunion Tour?

Billboard reports that the Police are seriously considering reuniting for a tour to mark the 30th anniversary of something or other. In this case, they say it's the 30th anniversary of "Roxanne," the song that broke them in the U.S. I don't see how: "Roxanne" hit the US charts in Feb of '79 (and the UK charts in April of 79). "Can't Stand Losing You" hit the UK charts in '78. So in what way is 2007 the anniversary of anything? Maybe it's the 30th anniversary of being bottle blondes? But if they're willing to pretend it's their 30th anniversary, so am I. I never saw them in concert, but I just know they're a great live act. And since Sting just released an album of lute music, perhaps he's finally realized enough distance has been put between him and the band to accept it's importance rather than run from it. I'd be really interested in a genuine creative reunion, with the guys recording a new album. They genuinely went out on top creatively and commercially (unlike R.E.M., The Who, The Rolling Stones and almost any band you can think of that didn't OD or isn't named The Beatles -- Talking Heads came close, though) so it's dangerous to mess with that legacy. But what if they could extend it? Thanks to the cool guys at NYCD for the link. Unlike them, I have no problem with a "new" boxed set. It's been 13 years since "Message In A Box" so the music is due for remastering. Besides, maybe this time they'll do it right -- with albums packaged as originally released and the extras on bonus discs. The 4 CD set as is is mostly unlistenable

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