Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rich Little To Be This Year's Entertainment At White House Correspondents Dinner

Last year, Stephen Colbert tore down the house with his scathing denunciation of Bush AND the media for being afraid to do serious reporting because they might lose "access." It was one of the most talked-about political take-downs of the year. It won't happen again. This year, the entertainment will be...mild impersonator Rich Little. Well, you can't say everyone involved hasn't learned their lesson. It reminds me of my alma mater the University of Florida. The year after Robin Williams scandalized alumni (and thrilled students) with his bawdy routine at Gator Growl, they chose the safest entertainment they could think of: an aging Bob Hope who could barely stand up, much less remember his lines. I think this April 21 we should celebrate Little's performance by just going online and rewatching Colbert's brilliant routine.

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