Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Blogger Is CRAWLING Today

So one quick post with a number of links. It took me 45 minutes to do just this.

What do the Globes mean? Momentum for "Dreamgirls" but not for "Babel," which just benefitted from being international, which appeals to the Globe voters. But most of all, a look at the Globe winners shows the dynamic back and forth between TV and film. There's simply no distinction made any more by actors or audiences. Good work is good work and you'd be a fool to turn down a TV movie just because it wasn't a feature film. A Lifetime film can be as big a career booster as a summer blockbuster, if it's the right movie. Entertainment Weekly has some fun backstage gossip. And Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com had the funniest line when he asked Helen Mirren if Elizabeth I had seen the miniseries about her. (She's been asked a thousand times if the royal family had seen "The Queen" -- it would have been highly unlikely and how would she know even if they had?) Friedman and others depict a Sacha Baron Cohen highly unwilling to be seen with his costars -- the bit with his fat buddy only happened because someone else gave the guy tickets and got him in to see the Globes.

Jamie Foxx defends the use of the "n" word...by black people, of course. Bill Cosby would not be amused.

Here's my Sunday NY Daily News story on cool music found on kid's tv shows. If you've got young kids, "Jack's Big Music Show" is definitely one you can enjoy as well.

I'm not sure where their programming is going to come from, but Skype is leading a bunch of different companies that are trying to create internet-based TV channels as a presumed alternative to cable and satellite. I think.

Springsteen lends his music to new Curtis Hanson film "Lucky You." Springsteen almost never licences his music; too bad the trailer for this film looks awful.

Boy George's mum has written a book, but it's not focused on Boy George. It's focused on his wildly abusive dad and trying to help people understand why she never left him.

Overnight TV ratings. The Globes averaged around 19-20 million viewers and "24" just above 15 million. Not massive for either, especially given the ad build-up for "24." Fox will definitely be hoping "Idol" exceeds expectations instead of merely meeting them. Go to MediaWeek's Marc Berman for a complete ratings breakdown.

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