Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Billboard's Top 10 CDs -- Norah Still On Top

God loves rappers! Former DC Talk member tobyMac debuts at #10 with his new solo album. Billboard describes this as a "slow week" for sales. Here's a suggestion: save us all some time and just let us know when it's a FAST week for sales. In a sign of weak times, Norah Jones is the first artist to be at #1 for three weeks (and not even in a row) since "Now 22" last summer. I often pooh-pooh people who say the sky is falling because of low CDs sales, pointing out the billions being spent on ringtones and ringmasters alone, which certainly diverts a lot of funds. Last year, $1 billion was spent on ringtones, etc. If you think of $20 as equivalent to an album (and most people count $10), that's equal to 50 million CDs being sold, or about 1 million extra CDs a week that aren't being counted. That's a LOT of money; it just isn't reflected in the album charts. But a 17% drop from last week and last year is still a 17% percent drop. That's pretty steep.

1. Norah Jones -- "Not Too Late"
2. Daughtry -- "Daughtry"
3. Fall Out Boy -- "Infinity On High"
4. Various Artists -- "Kidz Bop 11"
5. Akon -- "Konvicted"
6. Robin Thicke -- "The Evolution Of Robin Thicke"
7. Justin Timberlake -- "FutureSex/LoveSounds"
8. Corinne Bailey Rae -- "Corinne Bailey Rae"
9. Gerald Levert -- "In My Songs"
10. tobyMac -- "Portable Sounds"

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