Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Daniel Radcliffe -- The Reviews

Not bad, actually. Not bad. The BBC was especially friendly, saying "the overriding impression is of a gifted young actor casting off the shackles of a restrictive screen persona." The Guardian was also kind, saying Radcliffe "really can act." But I'm more inclined to suspect Variety, the Times of London and Nicholas De Jongh of the Evening Standard are more on target when they found Radcliffe AND Richard Griffiths AND the play rather lacking, despite a still simmering theatricality that can make you forget the absurd pop psychology at the heart of the show. I'm seeing it next Wednesday.


Ed Sikov said...

"I'm seeing it next Wednesday."

But will your review include the word "scrotum?"

Michael in New York said...

I think you missed your calling -- you should have been at the Algonquin.