Monday, February 13, 2006

Overnight TV Ratings

The Winter Olympics has begun...and the other networks wisely decided not to roll over and play dead. Even an Olympics based in the US -- which always scores higher in the ratings -- doesn't appeal to everyone. The Opening Ceremonies were a big flop. Only 22.8 million people watched Pavarotti sing and dancers with giant bubbles on their head stride into the stadium. That compares to 45.6 million for Salt Lake in 2002 and even 27.5 million in Nagano in 1998. Saturday night and the start of competition was brighter, with NBC attracting 23.8 million viewers. Meanwhile, Dancing With The Stars did just fine, with 14.5 million viewers saying goodbye to George Hamilton. But fans of Arrested Development can't get a break -- a four episode marathon buried opposite those two hits was savored by only 3.3 million vieweers (didn't they realize Justin Bateman was going to be on?) and a pathetic fourth place in the coveted 18-49 demos. Not encouraging. Sunday ratings not available yet. If you're a ratings geek like me, sign up for a daily email from Mediaweek.


Anonymous said...

I just don't care about the Winter Olympics. Thank God the other networks aren't just running reruns.

popparazzi said...

Why would anyone watch the bizarre opening ceremonies when they could watch Arrrested Development? People are stupid.

priv8pete said...

More importantly, when will William Hung and the Hung Jury become Jimmy Kimmel's band?