Wednesday, February 15, 2006

UK Box Office -- The Complete Breakdown

Here's a full chart of the top movies in the UK, along with a spotlight on limited releases. Some noteworthy items: Brokeback Mountain is the top grosssing movie in the country, after the mega-blockbusters The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire; Woody Allen's Match Point did okay but not spectacular, a disappointment considering its London setting and rave reviews; and a remake of the classic tale Lassie has proven a huge disappointment.


Anonymous said...

How is Brokeback doing around the world?

Michael in New York said...

I've seen predictions of $100 mil overseas in Variety and I know it opened well in Australia. Just checked Variety -- as of 2/12, BM had grossed $40 mil overseas. Probably earlier in its cycle than here, so $100 mil looks a good possibility, especially since it hasn't hit Japan yet (Japan is a huge market for US films and Japanese teenage girls read gay mangas with swooning romance plots by the truckload).

Anonymous said...