Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Overnight TV Ratings: Go Gators!

All of America was glued to television to watch my alma mater (can you have an alma mater if you never graduated?) win the #1 slot for college football as the Florida Gators defeated Ohio State. Florida is the first school in history to hold both the football and basketball titles at the same time. More than 26 million people watched, far more than the scattered viewers for anything else, especially the waiting-to-be-cancelled "What About Brian?" As others have pointed out, it's a dismal year for JJ Abrams, who's seen "What About Brian?" and 'Six Degreees" flop and "Lost" bleed viewers and be moved away in fear from "American Idol." For a complete ratings breakdown, go to MediaWeek's Marc Berman. (That's where I was reminded that Abrams had done "What About Brian?"

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