Wednesday, December 20, 2006

AMC Joins In Remake Of "The Prisoner"

Yes, because nothing says an American Movie Classic like a remake of a British TV series. AMC's venture into original films with the western "Broken Trail" was a stretch, but made sense since no one makes westerns anymore. But a remake of a TV series that has NOTHING to do with the movie or entertainment industry? That is just as bad as their re-airing of the British crime series "Hustle." No matter how good the show is, it doesn't belong on AMC. And neither does "The Prisoner." A remake of this show makes zero sense in any case -- it was completely of its time. Mind you, I thought a remake of "The Office" was insane and I've been happily proven wrong. Hopefully I'll be wrong again and somehow this cult classic will work as a remake. But even if it does, it has no business airing on AMC anymore than "Little House On the Prairie" belongs on the SciFi channel.


Alex Lewin said...

AMC sucks all around.

Michael in New York said...

Absolutely. Now that they have commercials, I simply never watch them anymore. The only channel I surf for old movies is Turner Classic Movies. No ads during films and they always show them in the proper aspect ratio (ie letterboxed if necessary)/. I'm praying they'll show Arthur again during their Feb Oscar programming so I can finally keep a copy of it on hand (the DVD is cropped).