Monday, December 18, 2006

Actually, The #1 Movie Is "Eragon"

Not in the US, where "The Pursuit Of Happyness" triumphed. But worldwide, the #1 movie of the weekend is "Eragon." It grossed $53.8 million around the world (including its US total). Maybe it will do better overseas, where visuals are sometimes more important than dialogue and acting. Certainly, unless a drop is disastrous, $150 million worldwide seems likely, which makes this $100 million movie so-so rather than the flop the US reviews indicated it might be. Clearly, they've launched it well; now it just depends on word of mouth. "Casino Royale" meanwhile is at $418 million worldwide, just about $13 million shy of the record held by "Die Another Day." Boy, was I wrong about this movie. It's the first time Bond has introduced a new hero and not dropped in grosses. Since it follows the top-grossing Bond film of all time, that's really saying something.

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