Monday, December 18, 2006

Barry Gibb Is Actually A Country Singer?

So says the singer from the now defunct Bee Gees. He's moved to Nashville, bought a home owned by Johnny Cash and is recording an album. (In that falsetto? That's hard to imagine, unless he's gonna be doing a lot of yodeling. Maybe he's a Jimmie Rodgers fan. To be fair, he did give Dolly Parton her last #1 hit via a duet w Kenny Rogers.) "I am a country artist, always have been a country artist, and this is my chance to get some self-expression out because the group is no longer the group," he said. Okay. Any inspiration from beyond the grave? "You feel like someone is watching," he said. "You feel like there is a presence in the house of both Johnny and June. I still haven't seen a tall man wearing black clothes yet, but I am very much into it and hope that I do."

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