Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"American Idol" News

The new season gets closer. Producers are teasing us with the suggestion that they'll have a stunt event in the middle of the season that will blow...our...minds. No idea what that might be, but they've cleverly refreshed and rejiggered the show every year. And if this idea doesn't pan out, they'll wisely drop it and move on. Meanwhile the winner of "The X Factor" (UK's equivalent show) is Leona Lewis and she has officially scored the #1 Christmas single. This is a really big deal in the UK, where major starts jockey for the right song at the right time. But "X Factor" has taken the fun out of it, since the winner of the show has their first single released right in time for Christmas and is invariably the winner. You'll onnly get even money, but you can place a bet for Christmas of 2007: whoever wins "The X Factor." Finally, Lewis is the real deal and will be the first UK winner to cross over to the US. She has the beauty and pipes of Whitney and Mariah -- at least, that's what the US record labels fighting to represent her believe.


altmike said...

Hmmmmm.....American Idol...mid season...April...Oscars...Jennifer Hudson... Is there really a mystery here?

Michael in New York said...

Hey Mike, I'll bet you're right that Hudson might make an Idol appearance. Although the Oscars are in Feb and once she's an Oscar-winner, why would Hudson want to return to the show, even for apologies and "we-were-wrong" kudos from the judges? But it could definitely happen and she could look gracious to boot. But it would make more sense if her timing would come earlier to boost the movie/her Oscar chances. Since the event comes later, it might still be something else.

ng2000 said...

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