Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Rush, Bright Eyes Ready New Albums

Rush's new CD will come out sometime this year. It's their best ever, insists Geddy Lee! But he would, wouldn't he. Lee traveled the country and didn't find himself pleased with the religious right, so don't look for any U2-like embrace of their music by congregations. (RUSH-ashana, anyone?) Meanwhile Bright Eyes has an Ep in March and a new album April 10. Conor Oberst had one of the most overwhelming amounts of media focus for his album "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning," being constantly hailed as the new Dylan, which wasn't even a crazy comparison. Then the hype came to a complete halt the moment his album came out, which may have unnerved or probably relieved him.

Finally, Sony got a slap on the wrist for embedding secret software onto millions of people's computers and screwing with their performance and spying on them. We need a Privacy Amendment to the Constitution.

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