Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Jewish Cabal Topples OJ Editor

I thought they were busy running Hollywood (and our foreign policy), but apparently they've got a little spare time on the side.


Ed Sikov said...

If I had a hammer,
I'd hammer in the morning;
I'd hammer in the evening -
All over her hands....

Unknown said...

Nasty, Mr. Sickof.

I know Judith Regan many years. She hasn't a anti-racial, anti-semetic bone in her body.

Her remark doesn't make sense, even if she did utter it: at that time she was herself as powerful as any other "cabal", responsible for hundreds of millions of books sold.

What she does have, in my sympathetic opinion, is probably a touch of manic depression, often the sad disease of genius. She is in trouble constantly for basically uncontrollable, rude personal behavior. Yelling at policemen, etc.

She's a genius, with careless taste, like all media titans. Murdoch, included.

I prefer the quiet side: http://douglashopkins.blogspot.com/