Wednesday, December 27, 2006


That headline is a play on one of the most famous ones in NY Daily News history. When President Ford blocked New York City from getting a massive bailout, the NY Daily News headline read: FORD TO CITY -- DROP DEAD. (Ford was right about not pouring money down the drain without major changes. The city came back with substantial changes in its budget and management and Ford approved the help.) This headline idea came from monkeyboy; I wish I'd thought of it. How fitting Ford should die just as Season One of "Saturday Night Live" came out on DVD, reminding us all over again of Checy Chase's hilarious parodies of Ford as a klutz. Of course, in real life Ford was an excellent athlete but SNL was so popular people were probably astonished whenever he didn't stumble or fall. Personally, I'll always remember him as Mr. Veto, the President who -- in his short time in office -- handed out vetos at a remarkable rate. Reading his obit, you might be surprised to see how history has judged him well and the many accomplishments during his brief period in power. But pop culture being what it is, all most of us can really remember about him is the image of Ford slipping down the steps when getting off an airplane.

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