Wednesday, December 20, 2006

US Gov't Lies About John Lennon Files

For 25 years, the US government has lied about its files on John Lennon, claiming that some of the info on him that wasn't released came from a foreign government and that if the files were released, that gov't might enact economic, political or diplomatic retaliation against the US. My God, it might start World War III!! Of course, now the files are released we know that nothing of the sort is involved. In fact, the new info says some UK lefties tried to get Lennon to bankroll a liberal bookstore. He turned them down. That's it. Do you really think Tony Blair is going to recall his ambassador because of this disclosure, which perhaps came from the British government? Hardly. What the US and UK should really be worried about is people actually listening to Lennon's music and message. But they can't lock that away, can they?

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