Tuesday, December 26, 2006

"Dreamgirls" Dreamy At Box Office

Christmas Day was a big one at the movies, as always. "Dreamgirls" opened on some 800 screens so you probably had a chance to see it finally. It pulled in $8.7 million. "Chicago" seems to have been a bit stronger initially, pulling in similar numbers on only 300+ screens. "Night At The Museum" pulled in $12.4 million on the big day, with a four day total of $43.2 million exactly what you'd expect from a broad, Ben Stiller comedy. Will Smith's "The Pursuit of Happyness" pulled in $8.1 million, bringing him to an impressive total of $61.4 million. After the success of this and "Hitch" and the critical acclaim for "Ali," he has no excuse for making mindless action flicks ever again. "The Holiday," "Blood Diamond" and "Eragon" all slowed considerably -- not because the marketplace is crowded but because they don't deliver.


Only True said...

yeah "eragon" is very very fine film:) I like it

Michael in New York said...

Hello Poland! Do you like the new My Chemical Romance album? It seems right up your alley.