Thursday, February 15, 2007

"300" -- Funniest Review Of The Week

I have a weakness for comic book movies and of course Frank Miller is one of the most interesting graphic novelists out there, so "300" is definitely on my must-see list. The cool look of it being a major plus -- this is certainly in the spirit of the uber-faithful "Sin City," a near-great bit of work itself. But after this amusing Variety review, I'm even more interested:
Action addicts in general and carnivorous fanboys in particular will chow down on this bloody feast. Possibly nowhere outside of gay porn have so many broad shoulders, bulging biceps and ripped torsos been seen onscreen as in "300," a fact that will generate a certain bonus audience of its own; it's not even certain Steve Reeves, the original "Hercules," would have made the grade here. But then, this is Sparta, the Greek city-state where boys were separated from their families at age 7 to undergo years of training to forge a population of soldiers unmatched in strength, bravery and bloodlust.

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