Friday, February 02, 2007

"The Color Purple" Hurting At Box Office

I just don't understand why "The Color Purple" has slumped dramatically at the box office this winter. Since the show has been on for more than a year and already recouped, it will always be a success story. But I don't buy the Post Michael Riedel's claim that it's hurting now because the show never caught on with New Yorkers. Actually, avid New York theater-goers can only provide an audience for about the first three to six months of a show. After that, you've got to be building group sales and reaching tourists or the show will close. So it's tourists that are not showing up. Mind you, it's the winter when shows slump, but "Purple" is slumping more than most. I'll bet it bounces back and runs another year at least, but it won't be the megasmash that its $1 million+ weeks at the start were indicating. What do I think of the show? No idea -- I haven't seen it.

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