Friday, February 02, 2007

Daniel Radcliffe On "Equus"

He doesn't comment much on the "controversy" -- made up mostly by the media I'd say -- over his performing in the acclaimed play "Equus, " which involves frontal nudity and sex with a horse. Not for the kiddies, obviously but teenagers would be fine. But Radcliffe comes across pretty appealingly; he says he spends all his money on books, so it would have been nice to hear what he's reading. Radcliffe struggled a bit with the more dramatic demands of Harry Potter but Richard Griffiths (Uncle Vernon in the films and Radcliffe's costar in the play) says Radcliffe will be fine: he's the same basic age as the protagonist so Radcliffe doesn't have to act, he just has to react. Let's hope Griffiths is right, but even if the critics are cruel, Radcliffe will see nothing but full houses and standing o's this first time out.

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