Friday, February 02, 2007

Democrats Try To Mommy America's TV Habits

Senate Democrats behaved like idiots with their first chance to deal with the FCC. People like Sen. Rockefeller of West Virginia insisted that tv was filled with "junk, sex and scandals" and that the FCC should be doing MORE policing of the airwaves. Sen. Lautenberg of New Jersey reportedly chimed in with their agreement. Are they insane? If there's any problem with the FCC it's that they've been doing too MUCH policing, delivering record fines for "obscenity" when they don't define obsceneity, CAN'T define obsceneity for 300 million people and act on the complaints of a tiny handful of activists. TV is filled with more options for more people for all types of programming now more than ever. The most popular show on TV? The wholesome "American Idol." The biggest TV phenomenon last year? "High School Musical." You can also watch adult shows like "Nip/Tuck" or edited "Sopranos" on A&E, both at 10 p.m. or family programming on ad-free Disney Channel or countless nature documentaries or C-SPAN or Pat Robertson or "7th Heaven" or "The L Word" or a million other different shows that cover every range of taste. Because of the FCC, PBS is afraid to show the new Ken Burns documentary on World War II because a few salty words spoken by soldiers about battle might mean massive, back-breaking fines that would put some local stations out of business.

We don't need the FCC or Senators to be our parents. That's OUR job, to decide what we want to watch and what's appropriate for our children.

Call Senator Rockefeller at 202-224-6472 or go to his website.

Call Sen. Lautenberg at 202-224-3224 or go to his website.

Tell them TV is filled with diversity like never before, that the FCC interferes too much with what Americans are free to watch and we don't need the US Senate to be our Mommy and Daddy. More freedom, not less, please.

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priv8pete said...

Or you can stop by Sen. Lautenberg's office at the train station in Secaucus...