Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Google Helps Illegal Movie Pirates

Google is convincingly smeared in a current court battle between major studios and two companies that specialized in software that helped people find and download illegal copies of movies. Per the Wall Street Journal, as reported in MediaWeek:
The Wall Street Journal first reported the lawsuit on Monday. It cited unnamed sources saying the defendants also alleged that Google AdWords salespeople suggested they buy keywords including "pirated" and "bootleg movie download," and that a Google employee corroborated their sworn statements in a deposition that has been sealed by the court.
Some sales rep definitely screwed up and Google is hastening to make changes. But this comes on the heels of other accusations by major studios that Google drags its heels when it comes to piracy.


priv8pete said...

All this fuss about movie pirates and I didn't even like the sequel. I can't wait until they wrap up this trilogy and we can all move on from Johnny, Orlando and Keira.

Michael in New York said...

No, no, no. They mean "The Pirate Movie" with Kristy McNichol and Christopher Atkins and yes, I have it on DVD.