Friday, February 09, 2007

How Big Will The Police Tour Be?

Roger Friedman at says people expect the Police tour to be huge, but aren't sure if they'll play Madison Square Garden or Giants Stadium. (ie. HOW big will demand be?) Well, the tour will certainly be huge and demand will be intense. But unless they're willing to spend two+ years touring the world, I don't see how they can top U2 and the Rolling Stones money-wise. And if you want to know if they'll be selling out stadiums or (slightly smaller arenas), just tell me what the ticket price will be. If I have to pay $500 to get anywhere on the floor, then stick with MSG. If you actually want to celebrate the band and perform with massive audiences, keep your ticket prices "reasonable" (which in this day and age means $150) and they'll flock to you.
NOTE: Madonna selling only 40,000 copies of her Confessions tour live album is not a scandal or noteworthy. She puts on a great show, but Madonna is a singles and album artist, not a live act in the sense of someone whose CD you gotta have documenting her show.

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