Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My New Favorite Website

Gymanstics is one of those sports I love to follow but never get to watch. (I prefer men's to women's gymnastics because -- especially at the Olympics -- the girls are SO young I find it just to unpleasant to watch those children put under such intense pressure.) The Men's National Championships are just starting in Las Vegas and USA Today has an article on the Hamm twins who have just decided to recommit themselves to the sport and shoot for the 2008 Olympics. Blaine Wilson is doing the same thing but with his injuries and age he'll likely be more of a cheerleader than a leader for the team. Apparently, no sports network was interested in a reality show -- but who needs TV? They're going to post regular videos of their training and competition on the way to the Olympics at Making The Paul especially deserves another shot at undiluted glory since his gold medal was unnecessarily tainted by politics and bad judging that should never have taken away from his achievement. (Paul was the first American to ever win an individual all-around gold at the Olympics and he did it with an amazing, deserving performance.) You can check out their video announcement about rejoinging the sport here. Best of all, they got rid of those dorky, parted-down-the-middle haircuts!

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