Thursday, February 01, 2007

NBC: Fans Of Certain TV Shows More Likely To Watch Them

Sounds pretty idiotically obvious, right? That's the only way I can characterize NBC's analysis of fans who use their website. NBC allows people to view the previous week's episodes of shows like "Heroes" and "Friday Night Lights." Their astonishing findings: that most of the people who go to their website to watch a show are fans who missed the original broadcast! Well, who the heck did they think would be using this service? People who hated the show? People who watched the show and saved it on their DVR but decided they wanted to watch it on their computer instead? Mind you, some people who had already watched the show also went online to watch it again -- probably at work or some other place as a form of entertainment. NBC also discovered that the site was used by people to sample shows they had never seen before. (As in, why does Michael keep going on and on about "Friday Night Lights?" Maybe I should watch one of the episodes.) Duh. Hey, NBC: people tend to watch the shows they like, people tend to avoid repeats, people like cake, people like money and people don't like to be poked in the eye with a stick. Just wanted to save you the money of doing another study.

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priv8pete said...

I just caught up on 24 and Heroes last night. I love the internet!!!