Monday, February 05, 2007

Rick Rubin To Join Columbia

This seems like a very strange mistake to me. Rick Rubin is easily the coolest producer around and I buy almost any album he's associated with and urge him to work with acts I'd love to see revived, like Bill Withers. But Rubin doesn't really produce "hits," and he certainly hasn't discovered or launched any new acts in a long time, perhaps not since the Beastie Boys. And what does he know about marketing? So why does Columbia want him at their label to find new acts and work on marketing? Especially since he'd still be free to do the big-name producing jobs at other labels that he's done so well recently. If you were taking him off the market, maybe I'd understand. (Not that he's a huge COMMERCIAL force, just very cool and talented.) But to do something he hasn't even tried to do in many years? It's a head-scratcher, though I wouldn't mind doing business with Rubin either. He's great.

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