Friday, March 16, 2007

"300" Tearing It Up At The Box Office

"300" made massive news when it opened to $70 million last weekend. Now it's gunning for the record for biggest second weekend by an R rated movie. (I believe the record is $50 mil+ by "The Passion of the Christ.") Well, if midweek performance is any indication, "300" will do that easily. It's expanding the number of screens it is on today and no wonder -- it's done bang up business on Monday ($7.6 mil), Tuesday ($6.5 mil) and Wednesday ($5.8). Frankly, a $20 mil opening weekend with holding steady on weekend two would have been good news for "300," which has a no-name cast. Instead, it did that money on Mon-Wed! It's going to be huge this weekend again. It's at about $95 mil and counting.

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