Friday, March 16, 2007

Former "Idol" Mario Vazquez Lawsuit Details

Here are the salacious details of the lawsuit against former "Idol" Mario Vazquez, which accuses of him of masturbating in front of an "Idol" employee and trying to engage the man in sex. It ain't pretty.

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Anonymous said...

Mario Vazquez sung 3 songs on Cesar's cd "worlds of change"; before American Idol and the sexual harrasment lawsuit against him. I know both for many years, here in Los Angeles. Recently, before the Clive Davis pre grammy party, Cesar asked Mario if he could go so he can finally meet Clive and give him his music. Mario completely ignored Cesar and that shows you what Mario Vazquez is all about! Mario is selfish, self-center and that is why he is not succesful. His album flooped, his career gone. I feel sorry for him.