Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend Box Office -- "300" Still #1

Yes, I was way off on "300," which I expected to out-perform everyone's expectations for a second weekend. But the movie still did tremendous business and has already hit $125 mil and counting. "Bridge To Terabithia" remains a genuine word-of-mouth hit that overcame one of the worst ad campaigns in memory thanks to stellar reviews and happy audiences. The saddest news was for Chris Rock, who hasn't opened a movie since "Down To Earth" and has never starred in a good one, unless you include the animated flick "Madagascar." The Top 10 per Box Office Prophets:

1. 300 -- $31.2 million ($127.5 million total)
2. Wild Hogs -- $18.8 million ($104 million total)
3. Premonition -- $18 million total
4. Dead Silence -- $7.8 million total
5. I Think I Love My Wife -- $5.7 million
6. Bridge To Terabithia -- $5.1 million ($75 million total)
7. Ghost Rider -- $4 million ($110.2 million total)
8. Zodiac -- $3.1 million ($28.9 million total)
9. Norbit -- $2.7 million ($92.4 million total)
10. Music and Lyrics -- $2.2 million ($47.4 million total)

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celebrity babes said...

The first thing to realize with this film is that thinking about it in historical terms is a bit of a waste. So I'm going to skip over that, even if Zack Snyder is on record saying it's ninety percent accurate.